Our Services

Transport commissioner

TCS organizes any shipping by companies, individuals, manufacturers or producers to an ultimate consignee, customer or end point of distribution. To ensure the safe transport of your goods, we have developed partnership contracts with carriers that serve Madagascar's airports and seaports..

In addition to the transport, thanks to the knowledge of our experts, TCS also assumes all the administrative, legal, customs and insurance formalities: export or import declaration, documents required by the carriers and the countries of exports.

Door to door

We are represented in 283 offices covering 96 countries in the world and we can offer you door to door services or we can handle your shipment in DAP ,DAT ,DDP or EXW and FOB.


TCS can organize a bundling of your shipments with other customers to help reduce financial costs. The transport of your goods being billable by volumes / weight, in case of small quantities it is much more practical and economical to share the tariffs between the shippers.


TCS offers a global logistics solution. Our team organizes all the services to give you satisfaction even in the most urgent situations.